The EHE Foundation

Rare as One

Founded in 2015, The EHE Foundation is a nonprofit, 501c3 organization dedicated to pursuing effective treatment and a cure for Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE). As an exceedingly rare sarcoma, with about one in a million diagnosed worldwide, little is known about this cancer, so The EHE Foundation's primary goal is to fund research working toward understanding more about this devastating disease.

The Challenge

We’ve worked with The EHE Foundation since its inception in 2015. The challenge has always been to get people outside of our patient and caregiver community to care about something that they’ve never heard of. Not only does the Foundation seek donations, they also provide support and guidance for patients and caregivers who are newly diagnosed. For some, The EHE Foundations’s website is the first step in a new world of coping with a difficult diagnosis and uncertain future.

Our Approach

Our approach has always been to support the mission of The EHE Foundation with a website that projects an image of dedication, capacity for growth, and passionate support of the EHE community. serves as a critical resource to the newly diagnosed with help finding providers and basic information about this rare cancer. It’s a repository for medical articles and publications, clinical trials and fundraising information. The website must allow the Foundation to provide real support for the community while communicating the need and capacity to utilize large donations.

From the start

Transitioning from grass-roots to the big leagues.

Increased capacity.

Dedicated grass-roots fundraising led by the The EHE Foundation Board of Directors provided for hiring of an Executive Director. They were awarded several major donations–one private that went straight to research, and another from the Chan Zuckerberg Rare as One Initiative that was directed for capacity building. These important milestone donations allow for expansion of both research and awareness.

CZI Initiative Rare as One Project


Get ready for your close-up.

Solving the Identity Crisis

With such small audience of patients, caregivers and professionals, it’s important that The EHE Foundation’s branding support their goal to be an impactful resource for their community. Graphics, images and messaging require consistency to convey stability and professionalism. The logo came to us in a bright yellow color with dark red trim. Dream updated the color palette by using the red from Chan Zuckerberg’s Rare as One Initiative. We further updated the look with a lighter yellow. Visually, the colors are updated and fresh but still retain the Sarcoma yellow and red trim that signifies blood vessels.

Educating people about EHE is always at the forefront of any communication efforts. The word breakdown graphic provides a visual definition of each of the word segments that make up the full name, epithelioid hemangioendothelioma. It provides an entry point for viewers to begin to understand the disease using more common words.

Website fonts are kept clean and bold to put the focus on the content. Clear communication of events and resources is the primary job of the website so graphics and imagery are kept to a minimum. The homepage is modernized with a modular, block design that presents various pieces of content separately and clearly.

EHE Foundation branding

We don’t settle.

So why should you? Aim for the stars, bb.

We don’t settle.

So why should you? Aim for the stars, bb.