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We do more than you think.

IGS Industries is a custom parts manufacturing company located in Meadowlands, Pennsylvania. With an international market, across a wide range of industries, they manufacture and ship more than 8 million custom made parts a year worldwide. They came to Dream for help with an identity crisis - many of their customers didn't know about all the services offered at IGS.

The Challenge

Our first meeting with IGS Industries included a tour of their facilities. Spread out over several acres and buildings, it was easy to see by the end of the tour that their website did not reflect the the expanse of the business and their multi-faceted capabilities were getting lost. They needed a fresh approach to their branding to include a website that demonstrated their modern technology, knowledge of the business, dedication to client satisfaction and most importantly their capabilities.

Our Approach

First on our checklist was to look at site analytics and determine what pages on the website were being viewed, where users were dropping off, and what important pages were not being viewed. We also mined for keywords, checked rankings against them and compared their competitors rankings against the same keywords. We leveraged this data to build a solid website with a strong keyword foundation that would provide top results in the SERPs. Next we built out a website strategy that brought capabilities to the forefront, using custom menus that displayed all capabilities on every page of the site, creating a strong internal hierarchy that is Google friendly. Lastly, we brought fresh new color and modern elements to reflect the cutting-edge technology the brand represents.

From the start

We believe great design is driven by data.

Numbers don’t lie.

We had access to site analytics and provided further insight through keyword research and market analysis. High value keywords SERPs were compared against competitors and a strategy was built to push IGS up in the rankings. The team also mined for opportunity, looking for high volume keywords with low competition that would organically push traffic to the site, creating a greater ROI.


Get ready for your close-up.

Solving the Identity Crisis

Fresh bold colors helped to bring new life to their old monochromatic branding, drawing in users and increasing overall engagement. We also used large bold images to represent capabilities, juxtaposed against sharp cut angles for visual interest and branding. The menu was streamlined and a megamenu was added to include all capabilities. Internal pages were designed with a sidebar to include a capabilities menu for easy navigation between services as well as create a strong internal hierarchy for SEO.

Smart design isn’t just pretty. Hierarchy and content were strategically planned for optimal search results. Page speeds were tested against the latest Google release metrics, and best practices were used to achieve top scores.

IGS Industries Branding
igs desktop scroll

We don’t settle.

So why should you? Aim for the stars, bb.

We don’t settle.

So why should you? Aim for the stars, bb.